The Love of Allah

Alhamdulillah in ths bless morning, I am still gven the huge opportunity to feel the fresh air surrounding..Thanks Allah too as I am still hve capabilities to work on ths blog.
Have u ever feel sad?ofcourse u have u ever thnk why u bcme sad of smethng??it’s bcoz u r just ordinary human and u can hurt..then have u ever thnk wht should u do when u feel that way?That’s it!!! Allahuakbar..u should go and ask Allah to ease ur heart.. Verily Allah is listening to the concerns of his servant and Allah heal your heart in sorrow

Back to my experience,I often also unaware of the remembrance of Allah since as a human being I admit that I cn nvr run frm doing any fault. Then I have a problem, when I worship, the burden feels lighter..That is the love that Allah award us as His servant.

Although I am not a perfect human from he side of Islam bt I am delighted and so proud to be born as Muslim people,no other word than Alhamdulillah


Islam is beautiful and we should make it mre beautiful by getting engage with it.

Im sorry for any misspoken and till we meet again


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