Effortlessly innocent, who are they? Kids of course  Being a kid was such a great time in my life, I did everything that I wanted to do without knowing the cross line, thanks to mum and dad since they’ve been concerned about me when I did something absolutely wrong. That’s why parental concern is so important. Being a kid without commit sins is much far better reason, Ali ra can be a role model for all the kids in the world, He was the first kid that embraces Islam, Alhamdulillah..
As far as I still remember, that day when I was about to skips my meal and my mum said,” Don’t you feel sorry for the rice? they’re crying just to enter your mouth” I just believe it and ate it all. It’s worth to lie in a good purpose though..hehehe
When I was little, I think I’m so cute by looking at all the photos but now I don’t know where it all gone. If mum find out I’m the one who’d made all the photos gone missing, I’m totally dead!! Dad is the only one that used to be there for me when I got scolded by my mum. Now, I’m crying just by remembering all the sweets memories I have in my past. Alhamdulillah, I have my mum and dad compared to those who lost both of their parents. That is something that I could not imagine since I’m not strong enough to live without my parent. My mum is the best cooker that I’ve never seen before, all of her cooks can defeat others! For I miss her badly!! (sobbing)
My parent gave me everything they have and I think it’s not fair to hate them. Even though sometime they hurt me a lot, as a daughter I shouldn’t go against them. I love you mum and I love you dad, I can’t imagine to live without both of you. I AM SO SORRY for not be able to be such a greatest daughter to both of you..
What I really want is that to be small again so I don’t have to think a lot and just stick with both of you while laughs a lot..


The Love of Allah

Alhamdulillah in ths bless morning, I am still gven the huge opportunity to feel the fresh air surrounding..Thanks Allah too as I am still hve capabilities to work on ths blog.
Have u ever feel sad?ofcourse u have u ever thnk why u bcme sad of smethng??it’s bcoz u r just ordinary human and u can hurt..then have u ever thnk wht should u do when u feel that way?That’s it!!! Allahuakbar..u should go and ask Allah to ease ur heart.. Verily Allah is listening to the concerns of his servant and Allah heal your heart in sorrow

Back to my experience,I often also unaware of the remembrance of Allah since as a human being I admit that I cn nvr run frm doing any fault. Then I have a problem, when I worship, the burden feels lighter..That is the love that Allah award us as His servant.

Although I am not a perfect human from he side of Islam bt I am delighted and so proud to be born as Muslim people,no other word than Alhamdulillah


Islam is beautiful and we should make it mre beautiful by getting engage with it.

Im sorry for any misspoken and till we meet again


Our Vehicle

On the day I got stdy offer from my university,I keep on thnking,what kind of transport we’ll ride to cmpus..I was Curious and quite worried to thnk bout tht..My mum said”perhaps ur cmpus will provide a transport” I was still curious and wait for the answer till I get into my university.


Here’s the answer,we all were provided with UteM’s busses.Utem is the first university in my knwledge that have many bus.Then,mum don’t have to worry anymre bout what I’m going to cmpus with..
UteM bus is comfortable where it was provided with air-condition.But smetime only a few bus appear when we want to go home,so we will be like “sardine in the tin”..well,everyone are sweating so,we’ll experiencing air pollution here,hehe 😀


Anyway,I am grateful for atleast,it make life here a little bit easy 🙂


My class

Today is my first Arabic class.I thought I would be late but Alhadulillah,I had arrived here at time.Time was so fast,I am not homesick but I feel like it just yesterday I get home and today,my class started

Weird thing when some people asked me why I’m taking ths class.I just want to learn al quran’s language and that will make me feel better 🙂
Its about 77 stdnts in my class,everyone are so nice to me.We’ll be here for about 3 years more and then,graduation scroll!!! I becoming very excited now 😀
For me,they are my second family,we help each other in study and always showing cooperation upon each other too 🙂

In my expectation,during this semester or perhaps the up coming semester,I want to organize several programs here,I think other than giving,I will also gain smethng valuable 😉